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Self-medication: Protect your own health
Since our inception, we have been advocating self-medication to improve the longevity of society. The proportion of people aged 65 and older in Japan continues to increase every year, and narrowing the gap between average and healthy life expectancy has become a major national concern. We at TFK Co,. Ltd., are eager to have a society where everyone can live a bright and healthy life based on our concept of protecting one’s own health. We would like to expand this small movement to the national level, whereby each and every citizen pays attention to their own health management, and that of their family members, acquaintances, and friends, such that we exchange information on each other’s health. That is the self-medication that we advocate. While the modern medical system is producing great results daily, the harsh reality is that the number of people with illnesses is increasing, as are medical expenses. What should we do in these circumstances? What can you do? We, TFK Co,. Ltd., think that it is necessary for each and every citizen to think seriously about creating a truly healthy and long-lived society in which everyone can live a cheerful life, and to work on it little by little, starting at the individual level. Even with advances in Western and Eastern medicine, it is clear that breaking through the status quo is not easy. The World Health Organization has announced that in the long term the number of cancer cases will continue to increase, as will the number of viral and bacterial patients. Is there a feasible way to change the status quo as quickly as possible? That is where protecting our own health comes in, as we think this is a better solution to the problem at this stage. Through our business, we have learned over many years about the remediation of soil and water from the food chain and corrosion chain in the natural world. Among the various bacteria we have studied, we found RAP99, a photosynthetic bacterium that has survived on Earth for about 3.5 billion years. Based on the idea that soil, water, and humans are similar, we unearthed, through numerous tests, the functions and roles of the photosynthetic bacterium RAP99 in humans, and the incredible value of the metabolic products of microorganisms for human health. When the internal environment is regulated, humans are less likely to get sick. What is more, if one does not get medical treatment at the hospital, one does not have to pay for medical expenses. In other words, if you do not use public health insurance, you and your country can save money on health care. To realize a healthy and long-lived society that uses as little public health insurance as possible, we propose self-medication. It is to improve your vitality and raise your mentality so that you can make the body less susceptible to illness by yourself. Japan’s national medical expenses are projected to increase to about 63 trillion yen in 2025, but many people are thoroughly committed to protecting their own health by themselves and sharing knowledge with their family, friends, and acquaintances. If expanded, it could decrease national medical expenditure to 30 trillion-yen level within 15 years (i.e., by 2035). We at TFK Co., Ltd., will continue to work toward spending a lifetime with you in good health and contributing to society’s well-being. The real challenge begins now. NEXT<profile>
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