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Company data,Corporate History,History of Biochem Industry Co., Ltd., from which we inherited all rights.
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Our role Our role is to remedy life by effectively utilizing microorganisms to remedy soil and water. For this purpose, the beneficial components produced by microorganisms are extracted and processed to then be used to restore the natural vitality of the soil and water, as well as the resilience of the natural world. We are also carrying out research and development on various products that can contribute to human health, and we at TFK Co., Ltd. are dedicated to “being able to fee...
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Remediation of life and nature Modern science and philosophy began with Cartesian dualism, which considers the mind separate from things, an idea based on reductionism. Reductionism is the thought that in order to understand substances and natural phenomena, it is most effective to subdivide everything into individual things (elements) and then analyze, understand, and reduce each one. However, the development of science, which has dramatically evolved civilization, has brought about a con...
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Self-medication: Protect your own health Since our inception, we have been advocating self-medication to improve the longevity of society. The proportion of people aged 65 and older in Japan continues to increase every year, and narrowing the gap between average and healthy life expectancy has become a major national concern. We at TFK Co,. Ltd., are eager to have a society where everyone can live a bright and healthy life based on our concept of protecting one’s own health. We would like ...