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Raw Materials

TFK’s probiotics is composed of various effective biological activite substances by using microbial technology. TFK’s probiotics provides a lot of great components that are the biologically active substances in other words, which have a capability of promoting to regulate and build our strong bodies and minds.

  Component analysis
  ●Nutrients of TFK's probiotics (/100g)

Energy 369kcal
Protein 58.8g
Carbohydrate 31.0g
Lipids 1.1g
Ash 6.0g
Sodium 228mg
(Japan food laboratory)

  ●Constituent sugar quality test (g/100g)
Sucrose 4.92
Rhamnose 2.04
Ribose 0.70
Fucose 1.30
(Toray Research Center)




  ●Amino acid composition(g/100g)

Arginine 3.17
Lysine 2.71
Histidine 1.18
Phenylalanine 2.47
Tyrosine 1.62
Leucine 4.27
Isoleucine 2.50
Methionine 1.50
Valine 3.33
Alanine 4.41
Glycine >2.28
Proline 2.66
Glutamic acid 5.07
Serine 1.59
Threonine 2.56
Asparagic acid 4.33
Tryptophan 1.03
Cysteine 3.80
      (Japan food laboratory)