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Health food TFK

Development of TFK
--Health food originated from nature's purification of soil and water.

Features of TFK
--About food features and its important role. Our spontaneous cure ability.

Ingredients and components analysis of TFK
--About the metabolites of micoro-organism.

Recommended dose frequency
--Taking 1 to 2 tablets per day
90 tablets: \63,000(including consumption tax)
30 tablets: \21,000(including consumption tax)

It is the sole product which we developed and pioneered by making the most use of biotechnology forerunner than any other countries.

Manufacture authoreized by TFK Co., Ltd.

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Health food TFK
"TFK -- A New Health Food" 
TFK is a new nutritional processed food originally developed by our company using micro-organism-applied technology for purification of water and soil. Ingredients of TFK are composed of biologically active substances extracted from various bacterial activities such as the metabolic activity. The metabolites are rich in vitamin, minerals, amino acids, hormone, nucleic acid and coenzyme. TFK has a capability of regurating both of our bodies and minds safety and effectivity .