Jul. 1962
Founded with the capital of 1 million yen. The company was trading as Kyowa Co., Ltd. and located in Osaka.
It was the distributor of automatic infrared hand washers in Japan.
May 1972 Moved the business into the constructor industry by becominb an agency of National House Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1974
Established Microbial Biotechnology Research Center.
Oct. 1980
Increased the capital to 4 million yen.
Jul. 1981
Developed a Recycling & Composting Method for recycling excretions and slurry of farm animals using a kind of bacteria. The bacteria's trade name was "Terias".
Dec. 1982
Developed a method for recycling decomposable organic compounds such as garbage. (Developed materials for improving soil conditions using microbial technology.)
Jan. 1983
Increased the capital to 10 million yen.
Jan. 1983
Changed company name to Biochem Industry Co., Ltd..
Apr. 1983
Completely converted the busines contents into microbial biotechnology.
Registered as a fertilizer sales company (Registration No. 2058).
May 1983
Registered as a special fertilizer producer (Registration No. 301).
Nov. 1983
Carried out an open test using microbial processes to remove heavy metals in a disused mine's waste waters.
(Organaizer: The Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Metal Mining Agency of Japan, Japan Mining Industry Association, Japan Industrial Thechnology Association)
Jan. 1984
Registered as a standard fertilizer producer (Registration No. 70155).
Feb. 1985
Increased the capital to 40 million yen.
Dec. 1985
Completed the Recycling factory for decomposable organic compounds in Ono-shi, Hyogo.
Jun. 1987
Concluded a sales contract about our fertilizer "Biosoil" with the Kyoto Agricultural Association.
Aug. 1987
Concluded a sales contract about our fertilizer "Biosoil" with the Hyogo Agricultural Association.
Apr. 1988
Developed polluted ponds purification systems based on the microbial prosesses.
Jun. 1988
Developed polluted rivers purification systems based on the microbial processes.
May 1990 Developed improvement systems based on the microbial processes for resurging overcroped farmland.
Jun. 1990
Developed purification systems based on the microbial processes for coastal fishries.
Jul. 1990
Moved the Head office from Kobe-shi to Ono-shi.
Aug. 1990 Developed fishing banks using microbial processes.
Apr. 1991
Developed water purification systems based on the microbial processes.for farm waters.
Sep. 1991
Developed paddy rice cultivating systems. The crop yiled was 2 times more than traditional cultivation methods.
Apr. 1992
Succeeded in reducing and purifying test of sludge which sedimented on the bottom of the seacoast using microbial prosesses.
Feb. 1993
Developed the high speed dissolved oxygen generaotor "Micro Aerator".
Mar. 1993
Developed the water quality purifying installation named "Biomachine".
Jan. 1994
Completed research and development of new a health food TFK..
Jan. 1994
Received an award for our polluted ponds purifying system from the Nikkei newspaper publishing company.
Feb. 1994
Developed a nutrient as a protein source for animals, birds and fish.
Jun. 1994
Received an award for our polluted ponds purifying system from Kansei Gakuin University.
Jul. 1994
Moved the Head office from Ono-shi to Kobe-shi..
Jan. 1995
Great Hanshin Earthquake which hit Kobe destroyed the head office and the laboratory.
Apr. 1995
Established a temporary factory at Taishi in Himeji-shi and partially resumed business.
Jun. 1995
Completed the first water treating plant "Cleantight" for highly polluted waste waters and delivered it to a factory in Kobe.
Aug. 1995
Moved the head office and factory to a temporal building in Kobe Sei-shin Industrial Estate.
Started the business recovery.
Apr. 1997 Started the clinical test of TFK as a health food and medicine.
Dec. 1998 Opened our website.
Feb. 1999 Applied for an international patent for TFK as a health food.
Jan. 2001 Started sale of a health food TFK.
Mar. 2003 Completed to transfer the all rights of business to the sister company TFK Co., Ltd. and disbanded.

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Corporate History
Mar. 21, 2001Founded as a sister company Biochem Industry Co., Ltd. Initial capital was 10 million yen.
Mar. 27, 2001Applied for an international patent for a new product TFK as a medicine.
Jul. 21, 2001Acquired the right to act an agecy for Biochem Industry Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1, 2002Acquired Biochem Industry's the rights of sales and outlet.
Mar. 21, 2003Acquiredl all industrial property of Biochem Industry Co., Ltd.
Sep. 16, 2003Increased the capital to 20 million yen.
Biochem Industry's History